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When we have come to that point in a pet's life where we are faced with the difficult decision of either allowing him to go on with a poor quality of life or ending his life to end his suffering, the decision is never an easy one, and it often brings a lot of guilt with it. Importantly, and right now, we should absolve ourselves of any guilt we may be feeling for making this decision. Many of us seem to think we are “killing” our pets when we do this. Nothing could be further from the truth. Whatever disease our pet has is what is killing them, and it doesn't need any help from us. All we are doing by making this decision is ending the pain or discomfort caused by the disease. When unrelenting pain or discomfort are the only realities left for a pet, there is no point in allowing his life to continue.

Sometimes, the guilt arises because of financial considerations. The bottom line of it is this. We have to live in the land of reality. Few of us are made of money and, therefore, money has to play a fairly big role in the medical decisions we make concerning our pets. If we can't afford to provide the care they need, then we simply cannot afford it and this realization should not cause us to feel guilt. Life is what it is, and so even if we cannot treat our pets as we would like to be able to do, then neither should we allow them to suffer for want of treatment.

Very often when the choices are between medical diagnosis and treatment or euthanasia, we will support you in whatever reasonable choice you make. The only wrong thing to do is to do nothing. Euthanasia is the best and last thing we can do to help our pets when they are beyond help.

To try to make this as smooth for you as we can, we want to take some of the mystery out of it by letting you know what to expect.


Euthanasia Policy


As we said above we will support you in whatever reasonable decisions you make for your pet.  However, please understand that as hard as a euthanasia decision is for you to make, it is extraordinarily difficult for use to carry out even if it is in the pet's best interest.  Taking life is never easy for us, and it takes its toll on us.  So, we ask your understanding in our establishment of this policy.  The policy of Friendship Springs Veterinary Care is this:  we will NOT euthanize animals that are considered to be healthy regardless of reason with the exception of animals deemed to be dangerous as determined at our sole and professional discretion. This policy is not subject to negotiation.