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Pet Angel 

Dr. Cutchin has seen the staff of Pet Angel them in business for almost twenty years with never any problems at any of the hospitals where has worked including Friendship Springs Veterinary Care.

Using Pets for private cremation are identified with a special tag by our hospital at the time of euthanasia. Upon arrival a the crematory, these pets are kept separate from pets intended for communal cremation. They are registered into a log, then everything is double-checked using the invoice duplicate given us at the time of transfer, identification tag, and log. Pets are cremated individually and then the ashes are placed in the chosen container, given a cremation certificate, and then returned to us. The identification tag remains with the pet right up to the point that the ashes are returned to the clinic. This ensures proper identification at all phases of the process.

Pets for communal cremation are cremated with other pets that have passed away and then their ashes are spread around the pet cemetery.